NAMS Switch Backup Solution

The NAMS Switch Backup Solution (SBS) has been designed to replace the tape drive units on aging Stromberg-Carlson/Seimens DCO switches. Your nightly backups are vital to the operation of your switch, and not having a good backup could be disastrous to your operation. The NAMS SBS not only ensures that you are able to create a good backup, but it also adds a list of features which are not available when using a standard tape drive. The backups are stored on a solid state drive which is built into the unit, and multiple backups which are date coded, can be stored on this internal drive. The NAMS SBS can also automatically send the most recent copy of your backup to a network storage device for remote data storage. Or, you can even copy the backups to a portable USB key.

A user interface is available for NOC or switch personal to ensure backups are occuring properly. That same interface can be used to copy files to the USB drives, or move an older backup to the active area to perform a switch restore. The interface can be accessed by a standard web browser, and is username/password protected. You will still use your standard switch overlays to perform backup and restore functions, but the web interface will give you additional visibility to the backups which have been performed.

Unlike other hardware options, the NAMS Switch Backup Solution slides right into the switch with no modifications. This is a complete package, with no "in-field" retrofitting required. Simply unplug the old card, plug in the new card, and follow our simple instructions and your backups will be securely stored every night. Our in-house technicians perform daily operation checks on the units, to further ensure that your vital backups are safe.

The NAMS Switch Backup Solution will replace the following Stromberg-Carlson/Seimens DCO tape drives:

  • 822010-536 "MSDA" TAPE BOARD (R.B. -616)
  • 822010-616 "MSDA" TAPE BOARD (REPLOT)(r.b. -656)
  • 822010-646 "MSDA" TAPE BOARD (re-designed Viper drive)(MADE FROM -536)
  • 822010-656 "MSDA" TAPE BOARD (re-designed Viper tape drive)
  • 822010-696 "MSDA" Tandberg tape drive BOARD (new drive)(SOFTWARE FIX 530162 required)
  • 822010-726 DAT drive tape backup

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