NAMS Fraud Traffic Controller

Outbound toll fraud occurs, far more often than you might realize. From business customer employees who make a few unauthorized long distance calls after hours to hackers who gain access to an outbound PBX dial tone, toll fraud can total thousands of dollars annually. A single instance of SIP hacking can quickly produce a bill in the tens of thousands for overseas toll fraud. Worldwide losses from toll fraud are estimated to be $35-40 million each year.

Active network element for identifying outbound fraud traffic and increasing revenue.
  • Active network element
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Active, or passive modes
  • Multiple different triggers and conditions

If you offer hosted PBX solutions for your business customers and your PBX is hacked, the bill for these fraudulent calls could hit your bottom line. If your customers own PBX is hacked, you will need to go through the hassles and difficulty of collecting a potentially huge bill from them. The NAMS Fraud Traffic Controller (FTC) has been designed to help control outbound toll fraud on your VoIP and TDM networks. By becoming an active element on your VoIP and TDM network, we have the ability to inspect each outbound call as it is being made. If those calls are determined to be fraudulent in nature, the NAMS Fraud Traffic Controller can release that call before it even leaves your network.

The NAMS Fraud Traffic Controller uses calling pattern thresholds that are based on NPA/NXX, NPA, Country Code/City Code or Country code combinations to determine fraud. When these hourly thresholds are exceeded, calls can either be disconnected, or the system can notify you for further investigation. You may also set up black lists, or white lists to handle individual subscribers.

The NAMS Fraud Traffic Controller comes in two flavors, SIP and SS7:

NAMS Fraud Traffic Controller - SIP

This version of the NAMS FTC becomes an active member of your VoIP network. When required, a BYE message is sent back to the offending party, thus preventing their call. The NAMS FTC plugs into your network just like a UA, so no additional hardware is required.

NAMS Fraud Traffic Controller - SS7

This version of the NAMS FTC becomes an active member of your SS7 TDM network through a proprietary interface card. When fraudulent calls are detected, a standard REL release message is transferred to the calling party, thus terminating the call.


We recommend that the NAMS Fraud Traffic Controller be combined with a NAMS Firefly CS for maximum fraud investigation and prevention.


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