NAMS Firefly CS

The NAMS Firefly® CS (Complete Solution) includes multiple interfaces, record formats, and applications that offer the user total Network Visibility and Data Mining capability. Revenue Assurance, Fraud Prevention, Network Maintenance, Network Planning, and Billing Collection and Mediation are key essentials that the NAMS Firefly® CS provides. Complete Solution means invoking multiple applications that work on multiple sources of data and record formats that may include multiple network interfaces. This very powerful and comprehensive toolset empowers wireline and wireless telephone companies to gain full control of their networks. NAMS Firefly® CS, is a complete solution that provides total SS7, SIP, AMA, IXC, EMI, and LTE network visibility that any telephone company can afford.

The NAMS Firefly® CS is very scalable, offering an economically affordable system for companies of any size. Using Oracle® Enterprise with RAC (Real Application Clustering), the system can be scaled for even the largest of networks. Conversely, smaller networks can easily be accommodated at an affordable price. The Oracle® Enterprise database is at the foundation of NAMS Firefly® CS. The primary benefit of Oracle® Enterprise versus Oracle® Standard is partitioning, which makes queries on enormous datasets practical.

Simplify network and data analysis by automated utilization of all available data sources

  • Oracle® Database
  • Record Searches
  • Record Reports
  • SS7 to Call Record Correlation
  • Network Engineering
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Data Mediation
  • Billing Transport
  • Fraud Detection

Record Collection and Mediation

The NAMS Firefly® CS uses many different record collection methods. We have designed our own proprietary hardware for specialized solutions for switches such as DCO-CS, DCO-CODC, DMS-10 and many others. For TDM SS7 collection, we also have a highly specialized interface card which allows us to monitor your SS7 network passively. With the new generation switches, we can accept data via FTP/SFTP/SCP protocols, and Virtual TTY methods.

Once collected and imported into the database, the NAMS Firefly® CS can then perform a variety of actions on those records in preparation for your billing systems. We can remove certain calls from the billing file, based upon trunk groups, structure codes, call types, ROI, sensor ID, intraMTA calls and many other items. This allows you to only send calls which need to be billed to your billing provider.

Record Searches

Once the records are collected and imported into the NAMS Firefly® CS, you are able to perform searches for individual call records, or a group of records. Unlike other visibility tools, the NAMS Firefly® CS allows you to search and see the complete call records. We also will derive additional data about the call from the Telcordia LERG, and present that to you as well. We have designed the search interface to be extermely user friendly and intuitive, in order to reduce the amount of time you would normally have to spend in the application. Records are returned quickly, thanks to the powerful database engine.

Report Generation

The NAMS Firefly® CS has over 100 different prepared reports for the various data sets. In addition to the prepared reports, you can also create your own custom multi-source reports using the custom report interface. We monitor the trends in the industry constantly, so that we can produce relevant reports which will aid you in revenue assurance, regulation requirements and more. Many of the prepared reports, depending upon search criteria, can be multi-phased. For instance, the SS7 Call Completion Report can be used to look at only originating calls, to check on the performance of your tandem partners. Or, you can look at terminating calls to see how your own switch is performing.

Data Types

The NAMS Firefly® CS has been designed to handle many different data types. With todays ever changing standards such as LTE and future standards such as 5G, we had to create a flexible system which would allow for the importation of various records types. As new data sets are introduced into our industry, the NAMS Firefly® CS will be able to handle them with ease. At this time, the NAMS Firefly® CS can accept the following data types:

  • AMADNS - GR-1343-CORE
  • Billing AMA Format (BAF) - GR-1100-CORE
  • AMATPS - GR-385-CORE
  • EMI - Exchange Message Interface
  • Telcordia AMA - 297-1001-830
  • SS7 - Signalling System No. 7
  • SIP - Session Initiation Protocol H.323
  • UMTS - 3GPP TS 32.215 version 4.2.1
  • LTE - Long-Term Evolution
  • OCC - UCS 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13

Data Correlation

Through the use of intelligent database stored procedures, we are able to correlate different record types together, giving you the complete picture of a call which took place. For instance, if the call came in on the SS7 network, we can connect that call to the switch AMA record, an EMI record if it was generated, and any associated SCCP/TCAP. This gives you the complete information about the call in question, for diagnostic requirements, or revenue assurance disputes. A unique feature called Snapshot can produce PDF documents containing all of this information which you can then download, or you can view it on screen in a tabbed format.

Additional Features

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Separation
  • LERG Database
  • Netplan
  • Switch Messaging
  • Phantom Tracker
  • CIC Usage Validation
  • CIC Search
  • Company Type Usage
  • Wireless Usage Statements
  • Wireless IntraMTA Trunk Usage
  • Tandem Transit Statements
  • EMI Creation & Correction
  • Balance of Traffic
  • TCAP Query Validation
  • Unidentifiable Calls (Spoofing)
  • Trunk Usage
  • Geographical Usage
  • Balance of Network
  • Fraud Reporting with Alarms
  • Custom Rate Centers


Supported switches

Soft switches   Legacy switches
Nortel Succession
Genband C-series
CopperCom CSX
  Nortel DMS-10, 100, 250, 300, 500, GSP, SL-100
Ericsson AXE-10
Lucent 5ESS

Supported Hardware/Protocol/Communications Interfaces

HDLC, BX.25, PollMaster, Pertec, FTAM, AMATPS / AMADNS, V.35, RS232, Cook 2200/2216 (Mag Tape Emulation), LAN, Serial, BiSync 3780, FTP, AFT

Telecom Standards Compliance

GR-1343-CORE AMADNS, GR-1100-CORE Billing AMA Format (BAF), GR-385-CORE AMATPS, EMI Exchange Message Interface, Telcordia AMA 297-1001-830, GR303

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