Carrier Management Systems, Inc. has developed a wide array of products that address many critical issues now facing wireline and wireless telecom companies. The core components of the NAMS suite of products include real-time Call Record collectors, an SS7 probe for real-time SS7 collection, database import engines, and a variety of useful reports and applications. At the heart of our products lies Oracle's Enterprise Database, which utilizes partitioning and clustering in order to make queries against large telecom datasets practical.
Which product line is best for you?
  • Billing Collection
  • Fraud Alarming
  • Billing Mediation
  • Grey Traffic
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Call Redirecting
  • Phantom Traffic
  • Network Planning and Provisioning
  • Access Avoidance
  • Traffic and Engineering
  • Toll Fraud Prevention
  • Network Data Mining


The CMSI line of NAMS Firefly applications can fit any size provider from one thousand calls per day up to an excess of one million calls per day. You can find a solution to fit your needs to the left.

NAMS Firefly CS
NAMS Firefly CS (Complete Solution) includes multiple interfaces, record formats, and applications that offer the user total network visibility. Revenue Assurance, Fraud Prevention, Network Maintenance, Network Planning, and Billing Collection and Mediation are key essentials that the NAMS Firefly CS provides. Complete Solution means invoking multiple applications that work on multiple sources of data and record formats that may include multiple network interfaces. This very powerful and comprehensive toolset empowers wireline and wireless telephone companies to gain full control of their networks. Learn more

NAMS BMX (Billing Media Exchange) solution supports many switch interfaces, communication protocols and record formats. Our collection and mediation products have been used reliably worldwide since 1988. BMX collection systems can be ordered in redundant or non-redundant congigurations. Our BMX collection systems can be delivered fully NEBS Level 3 certified or on more economical hardware depending on the requirements of the user. Collection and Mediation servers can be ordered with AC or DC power supplies. Learn more

NAMS BTC (Bypass Traffic Controller) is a very useful and effective tool for controlling Phantom Traffic or Bypass Traffic. The NAMS Firefly CS has been a very effective tool for identifying Bypass Traffic, and now with our Bypass Traffic Controller we can actively prevent Bypass Traffic from occurring, resulting in an immediate revenue increase. BTC provides the capability to reroute certain telephone calls based on call criteria. The primary purpose of this application is to reroute traffic whose origination information has been altered or removed to bypass normal access charges. BTC can reroute calls sent over EAS groups that did not originate within the agreed upon local calling area, thereby preventing this particular form of access charge avoidance. Learn more

NAMS FTC (Fraud Traffic Controller) has been designed to prevent fraudulent calls from being made on your switch. Most often, these fraudulent calls originate on a hacked PBX system at your customers premise. These calls are most frequently seen on VoIP PBX and voicemail systems, but can also originate on standard SS7 based systems as well. Learn more

NAMS SBS (Switch Backup Solution) is a hardware replacement for failed tape backup modules on legacy DCO switches. Additional features such as offsite backups push this solid-state solution far beyond the original equipment. Learn more