• The Firefly system recently was used to generate reports that identified a CLEC that was changing Calling Party information on calls so that they could send them over local interconnect trunks and try to avoid toll tariffs. Once confronted with the detailed report, the fraudulent traffic ceased.
    — Roger Barnhart, Champaign Telephone
  • We have been using the NAMS System in our network for over 12 years where it interfaces the switch and the network by collecting the call records and passing to the billing system to collecting SS7 messages in real time for network visibility, validation and correlation purposes to find network leakage. The NAMS has allowed us to streamline many processes that once took multiple personnel days to do.
    — Randy Siler, West Wisconsin Telephone
  • With NAMS Centralized System, we have been able to manage our network at a level that has saved us time and money.
    — Kirk Petty, Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative
  • I would highly recommend NAMS Firefly for any company in need of a quality carrier-class call management solution. NAMS Firefly's ability to capture call records, SS7 messages and network traffic statistics provides the critical visibility needed to effectively manage a voice network.
    — John Monday, Fast Track Communications
  • We now have the peace of mind in knowing that our data is being collected on a reliable robust mediation device and being sent to the billing system automatically.
    — Terry Gentle, Lake Livingston Telephone
  • For more than 16 years, NAMS has helped to seamlessly integrate our various switching platforms into our complex billing system. It has served as an invaluable tool in the rapid expansion of our network.
    — Lou Lombardi, Jr, Cooperative Communications


MTA 2014 Conference
20 Mar 2014 2:41 PM
CMSI announces at the MTA (Minnesota Telephone Association) 2014 regional conference an innovative technology software product that will help carriers accurately tabulate and segment their intra-MTA versus inter-MTA wireless cellular traffic from land to mobile, mobile to land, and mobile to mobile calling.  CMSI has released this product following multiple requests from carriers attempting to comply with recent legal letters from major wireless carriers asserting non-compliance per FCC order mandating the re-categorization and rating of intra-MTA traffic to local calling traffic.  This new CMSI NAMS system report can help carriers definitively define the jurisdiction of this wireless traffic to help carriers comply with FCC regulatory order and avoid inter-carrier legal and billing disputes.
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