NAMS Firefly® Network Engineering

The NAMS Firefly® Traffic & Engineering application automatically collects the trunk and line measurement statistical information generated by the switch and then allows the user to generate useful reports that help manage the network. The facility engineering reports help insure that the trunk-side network is efficient, and the forward trending will help insure that it stays that way. The report scheduler saves time by automatically delivering the reports to your email.

  • Traffic Engineering Reports - Gives both detailed and summary reports based on trunk and line data
  • Traffic Charts - Gives graphical charts for easier summary comparison of traffic data
  • Traffic Forecasting - Allows the customer to glance back on previous data to determine how to provision trunks in the future to streamline network
The NAMS Firefly® NetPlan application is a multifunctional dynamic reports generator that allows network planners to compose their own reports. Each call record within NAMS® contains the associated LERG information to enhance report generation. With an easy and intuitive user interface, NetPlan allows the user to compose reports based on custom selectable criteria and fashion the output report with user selectable field and format information. Rather than the traditional canned reports that most systems offer, NetPlan provides report flexibility that only a true "report generator" can. Reports can be run on-the-fly or can be designed, saved and scheduled to report on pre-defined periods and ran at user selectable times with email delivery of the reports.

LERG (Local Exchange Route Guide) - NAMS Firefly® incorporates much information contained in the Local Exchange Route Guide. All fields in each of the 15 LERG tables can be queried individually or in combination with other fields. Culling through mounds of data to identify particular information about a call, an office, a carrier or routing information is no longer necessary. With a point and click graphical interface, searching and reporting is easy and fast. A composite table allows the user to input an NPA-NXX and view pertinent information associated with that NPA-NNX such as Homing Tandem, End Office, Feature Offerings, LATA, etc. The composite table is a NAMS® exclusive and combines elements from several LERG tables. This reduces time spent table-hopping while trying to assimilate information that may be contained in multiple tables. Queries can be performed on any field in the composite table and the results viewed on a screen display or sent to a printer.