NAMS Firefly® Toll Fraud Detection

Identifies fraudulent use of the toll network such as gray traffic. The Toll Fraud module protects the telephone company from costly fraudulent use of the toll network. It applies thresholds of usage and number of calls for both hourly and daily time periods. Domestic, international and hot spot threshold sets can be defined for each ANI. When any of the thresholds are exceeded, the system alerts the user so that toll calling from the offending number can be disabled. The Fraud Detection/Prevention module is also designed to accommodate large scale networks with multiple switches and millions of ANI’s. The interface for setting thresholds is easy, fast, and intuitive, and the alarm delivery is reliable and flexible.

NAMS Firefly® Fraud Traffic Controller

The FTC is a real time fraud stopper. It is designed to be a network element and is deployed be installed at an STP site and work in conjunction with the Performance Technologies SEGway STP with Gateway Screening. Multiple end offices can be monitored at the same time with individual thresholds and configuration settings for each site. It can also be deployed at an individual CO location where it is a network element attached to the SS7 A-links. Please contact a NAMS Firefly sales person for more details.