NAMS Firefly® Collection & Data Mediation

Collection & Data Mediation

The NAMS® Call Collection and Mediation is one of our most mature products having first been deployed in 1988. The collection application supports many protocols and can be configured in several ways depending on the requirements of the customer. The Mediation software supports many file formats and can be easily configured to automatically deliver all or only selected billing records to multiple platforms simultaneously. Billing transfers utilize a CMSI developed Self Recovering Protocol that makes billing record FTP transfers extremely reliable by enabling the system to overcome (LAN/WAN) network outages.

Billing Transport

Transport and distribution of the AMA/CDR/SS7/SIP and LTE is automated and supports many different formats and configurations. Automated file transfers to downstream systems utilize the NAMS® Self Recovering FTP Transfer application which eases the work load on IT professionals. Network outages that occur during regularly scheduled outages normally interrupt file transfers leaving incomplete files on downstream systems. The NAMS® Self Recovering FTP Transfer application will automatically re-transfer incomplete files when network connectivity has been restored. All CMSI collectors include extensive logging capabilities that aid the customer and CMSI support personnel by providing sophisticated diagnostic capabilities.

Supported switches

Soft switches   Legacy switches
Genband (Nortel)
CopperCom CSX
Alcatel- Lucent
  Nortel DMS-10, 100, 250, 300, 500, GSP, SL-100
Ericsson AXE-10
Lucent 5ESS

Supported Hardware/Protocol/Communications Interfaces

HDLC, BX.25, PollMaster, Pertec, FTAM, AMATPS / AMADNS, V.35, RS 232, Cook 2200/2216 (Mag Tape Emulation), LAN, Serial, BiSync 3780, FTP, AFT, H323, LTE, SBS, SIP

Telecom Standards Compliance

GR-1343-CORE AMADNS, GR-1100-CORE Billing AMA Format (BAF), GR-385-CORE AMATPS, EMI Exchange Message Interface, Telcordia AMA 297-1001-830, GR303