Carrier Management Systems, Inc

NAMS®, Network Analysis Management System, is an integrated system that assists telephone companies by automating normally tedious and laborious tasks such as data collection, network design and engineering, fraud prevention, and revenue assurance. Designed with an intuitive web-enabled front-end and Oracle® as the back-end, NAMS® utilizes powerful technology while making it easy for the user to navigate the system. The NAMS® turnkey approach, which includes hardware, software and a full array of installation services, minimizes the normal deployment hassles most companies experience while implementing new systems.

NEW: CMSI is proud to announce its partnership as an ISV with Microsoft®, and using their Visual Studio 2008®, CMSI is in the process of developing a new front-end for NAMS® Firefly. The new interface will run under Microsoft Vista® as well as other Microsoft® operating systems and bring not only an updated look but also many new features and applications.


NAMS® (Network Analysis Management System) was first developed in 1988 by Paul Bilberry, who with his family, began Action Telcom in 1982, one of the first IXC's in Texas. Back in those early days, affordable network management software didn't exist. Thus, companies like Action were vulnerable to fraud as well as escalating network costs. So, Bilberry created the first NAMS® product out of a need to better manage Action's growing network.

Shortly thereafter, the manufacturer of Action Telcom’s switch (Siemens) learned of the many benefits of NAMS® and began recommending the product to their customer base. One thing led to another, and soon, NAMS® expanded its connectivity into other switches manufactured by Nortel and Lucent. Later, due to increased demand as a result of the burgeoning CLEC industry, we expanded our product offering to include local service providers. A few years later, after some corporate mergers and acquisitions, an ownership group spearheaded by the Bilberry family re-acquired NAMS® and founded the company which would market and support it, Carrier Management Systems, Incorporated (CMSI).

In 2000, CMSI introduced NAMS®2000 and, shortly thereafter, NAMS® Centralized. Both of these products utilize a graphical interface in an environment consistent with the 'Internet way of computing' and host all reporting features on a single platform. NAMS® Centralized meets the critical needs of larger providers who require the aggregation of all network data and reporting within a multi-switch environment.

The early 2000’s gave rise to the development of important relationships between CMSI and the Independent and Coop telephone companies of rural America. During this period, CMSI made changes in the existing NAMS® software and created new applications to address specific needs of the rural telephone company. CMSI counts itself as fortunate to have developed a very strong base of rural telephone companies.

In 2008, CMSI introduced a new SS7 based product called NAMS Firefly®. At the core of this new product is a newly developed proprietary SS7 probe that passively collects SS7 ISUP’s and SCCP/TCAP’s which are imported into the Oracle® database. An SS7 billing record was designed and applications developed around the SS7 record.

What makes us different? Industry knowledge and experience. CMSI is not simply a company that develops software. We specialize in the telecommunications industry. This is where our roots exist. Our staff is comprised of professionals with many years of telecom carrier experience. So, we have a much broader understanding of the business, and the challenges our customers face on a day to day basis.

With the addition of NAMS Firefly®, CMSI is poised to meet the increased demands of telecom carriers worldwide... regardless of their size.